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7 Habits that can take you closer to the spiritual realm

7 Habits that can take you closer to the spiritual realm

Many people define spirituality in many different ways. But according to me, spirituality means knowing yourself. I am not just saying this inspired by any book or saint but from my realizations. 

 If you think, you can also realize that the reality of this universe exists for you due to your existence. For example, if you withdraw your senses from an object, will that object exist for you? No, it will not. Therefore, we can say that you create the reality of an object for yourself. 

In physics, there is a theory about this called the observer effect. It states that it is the observer who creates reality. So, if you make the reality of this universe, all that you need to know is not the universe but yourself. If you read the ancient Hindu scriptures, they say the same thing. 

The meaning of spirituality in Sanskrit is to study ‘Atman’ or the inner self. The term ‘self’ here does not mean your body, mind, or senses but what constitutes them. Your body, mind, and senses change with time, but the inner self remains constant. So, the spiritual realm is your inner self that connects to everything in this universe.

Now, the question is, can you go closer to the spiritual realm? Well, yes. But it’s also a fact that most people don’t even go close to it in their entire lifetime. The reason is their apathy for seeking truth and love for the matrix of falsehood.

But you can get rid of these things just by adhering to some simple habits. Let me share 7 of those life-changing habits from my experiences. 



Staying with nature

Nowadays, technological advancements have made our lifestyles complex and artificial. Lust, greed, burdens, and false ego have superseded our inner selves. Therefore, it has become difficult for us to connect to the spiritual world.

But once we start spending time with Mother Nature, it can heal us from the inside. It’s because we and nature are connected. Our body, mind, and senses are made from nature and nourished by it. So, ultimately, it is a reflection of our spiritual self.

From my experience, I can suggest you spend at least 2 hours with nature daily. You can go barefoot and sit inside a park or near a riverside or hill. It can help you keep yourself calm and stress-free in complex situations. As a result, you can control your roaming senses and discover your true spiritual identity.



Being kind to others

When you become kind to others, things start changing within you. The negative feelings like jealousy, anger, and frustrations gradually start shrinking within you. You feel more optimistic towards life, which keeps your senses calm and remain in the present moment.

From Buddha to Mahavira, most spiritual masters have preached kindness as the highest virtue for humans. It’s because it brings the feelings of acceptance for others in your heart. As a result, your inner self reflects upon your behavior and work.

I experienced this when I became empathetic towards animals. It gave me the feelings of oneness with everything around me. So I suggest you help some animals or birds around you every day. Try to see them as living beings instead of food or inferior creatures than you. I am sure you will feel the oneness of this universe within you.



Doing Meditation

Meditation is the practice of unifying the senses and making the mind still. It reveals your inner self, just like a clean water body shows the ground underneath it. It was only through meditation that an ordinary prince turned into Buddha. Therefore, meditation has the power to awaken your inherent spiritual potential.

Meditation allows you to feel your inner feelings by focusing on them. Through meditation, you can take control of your activities and behavior. As a result, you can feel a sense of peace and contentment. I have felt the same since when I started doing Yoga and Pranayama daily.

Every morning and evening, I perform meditation by sitting in our rooftop garden. I close my eyes and focus on myself, uttering Aum. It keeps me energetic and free from stress and anxiety. Therefore, I suggest you do at least spend 1 hour daily doing meditation for spiritual growth.



Eating Vegan food

In ancient Indian culture, food has a deep association with spirituality. According to ancient yogis, plant-based food is the best for those who seek spiritual knowledge. Therefore, most Yogis and saints avoid meat, milk, and grains. They eat fruits and vegetables to nourish their body and mind.

When you eat meat, you also eat the pain and suffering of a sentient being. So, the food does not get assimilated with your inner self easily. As a result, it manifests itself as anger, greed, jealousy, and illnesses within you. And all these things take you far from the spiritual realm of your inner self.

There was a time when I had no idea about these things. But when I stopped eating meat, I felt an inner peace. I became more spiritual and drawn towards my inner self. Therefore, I suggest you avoid any food that involves the pain and suffering of a sentient being. It will no doubt help you in your spiritual endeavor. 



Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude means saying thanks for the blessings that grace our lives daily. It is like a flowing river that continuously flows with recognition and appreciation for the abundance in our surroundings. It diminishes our ego and instills our hearts with empathy and love for others.

There are many ways to express gratitude in the context of spiritual growth. You can write poems or blogs about the things you are grateful for. You can thank your parents, relatives, and friends by celebrating some of your special milestones with them. You can also visit temples and participate in rituals to be thankful to God.

Ever since I started practicing this process, I feel as if I am closer to God. I perform aarti (worshipping ritual) every day in the evening and pray to God for all living beings. I also write poems to express my gratitude towards nature and God. I can say that it has helped me a lot to tackle work-life stress and anxiety.



Embracing simplicity

A simple life is a life that focuses more on being natural and minimalistic. It prioritizes feelings and emotions more than material possessions. So, a simple life has a spiritual fragrance in it. It makes you remain content in the present moment, which is the essence of spiritualism.

A person who embraces simplicity knows that food is not for taste but for nourishing the body and mind. For his sensual desires, he does not exploit nature but becomes a friend of it. He knows that feeding some hungry dogs brings more joy than wearing a Rolex watch.

But it’s not easy for everyone to embrace simplicity. So I suggest you be more natural towards life. Every week you can visit the countryside and observe the simple lives of people there. I often do this. It inspires me to be minimalistic yet joyful in life.



Reading Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is one of the ancient Hindu spiritual scriptures that explains the ‘Atman'(inner self). Whenever any of my friends face any troubles in their lives, I suggest they read Bhagavad Gita. It’s because I know how powerful this book is.

Let me share one of my favorite verses from the Bhagavad Gita here. In verse 42 of chapter 3, Lord Krishna describes the self, “Subtle, they say, are the senses; subtler than the senses is the mind; subtler than the mind is the reason; but subtler even than the reason is the Atman(self).”

There are many such beautiful explanations about the spiritual self in the Bhagavad Gita. If you could understand them, it would take you closer to the spiritual realm within you. I suggest you read the Bhagavad Gita for mental peace and spiritual growth.


Bottom line

See, the spiritual world is not anywhere else but within us only. But we, despite being the embodiment of supreme bliss, seek happiness outside. It is because we do not even try to get closer to ourselves. Just as drops come together to form an ocean, some small habits can take us to that spiritual world hidden within us. In this blog, I shared seven small habits with you. I hope that this information will be inspiring in your life’s journey. Thanks for reading!


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