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ChatGPT is not the replacement for content writers. Why?

ChatGPT is not the replacement for content writers. Why?

Since ChatGPT has come, many aspiring content writers have had numerous questions. Is ChatGPT a replacement for writers? Will companies now hire ChatGPT instead of content writers? Such questions might have also come to your mind.

But my fellow writers, let me tell you that ChatGPT is just a tool, not a writer. If used, it can help a lot in writing. But it cannot replace a writer. In this blog, I will highlight why ChatGPT can never be a replacement for content writers entirely.

The Limitations of ChatGPT in Content Writing

Absence of Independence

Look! ChatGPT doesn’t perform tasks independently and needs commands to function. So, a company can’t just hire ChatGPT without someone who gives it instructions. And it is not that anyone can generate good content by giving commands to ChatGPT. For that, it is crucial to have a contextual understanding of the content. You would be shocked to know that ChatGPT has some biases towards the US. So, how can you expect to generate a neutral perspective content on the Russia-Ukraine war through ChatGPT? It can’t be possible without an independently thinking entity. And that’s where human writers triumph over AI.

Lack of Human Feeling

The purpose of content writing is to keep readers engaged. And readers get engaged with your content when they emotionally connect with it. For this, human writers add nuances of emotions in their works. But ChatGPT cannot depict human emotions properly in its content. As a result, readers may find ChatGPT-generated content artificial and dull. AI also doesn’t have the feeling of morality and immorality. So, it may produce content that some communities or users find offensive. On the other hand, human writers don’t have any such limitations. They can easily create content without hurting the feelings of any person, community, or religion.

Absence of creativity

In digital content writing, creativity is crucial. It’s because a writer may have to write on the same subjects frequently. Therefore, with creativity, he can bring freshness and originality in his content to the reader. Creativity also helps writers present their context of writing to the reader in a better way. But ChatGPT doesn’t have creativity like humans. The reason is that creativity comes from the world of imagination, and this world has no limits. But ChatGPT works only within certain limits. Therefore, most AI-generated content lacks originality and freshness in them.

Lack of Natural flow

The importance of natural flow in writing is that it keeps sentences connected. Therefore, the readers read your content smoothly from beginning to end and stay engaged. Human writers have a natural flow that is similar to storytelling. But ChatGPT-generated content does not have that natural flow. But you will not find that natural flow in the content prepared by ChatGPT. You will feel as if something is missing somewhere between the sentences. Therefore, it would not be right to expect a high-quality content experience from ChatGPT.

Limited knowledge base

Recently, a Bangaluru-based Magazine tested ChatGPT’s ability to crack exams. They asked 100 UPSC prelims questions to ChatGPT. But, it could not provide correct answers to 54 of those questions. It probably happened because the training of ChatGPT is only till 2021. Therefore, It has no knowledge about the events after 2021. It also does not have information about many locations and places. But there is no such problem with human writers. They can research to get all the information for creating content. Here also, human writers stay ahead of ChatGPT.


There is no doubt that ChatGPT is going to be very advanced in the coming future. But to assume that it will completely replace human writers is not realistic. It’s because human writers have emotions. They have desires and an endless world of imagination for creativity. ChatGPT AI cant replace it. However, ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for content writers to research and prepare outlines for blogs and articles. I think that’s what I wanted to say. Thank You for Reading!

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